Mastering Marketing Metrics

October 28, 2011

A lot of marketers wanted to be like TV's Mad Men: creative geniuses who created brands and built marketing empires. Instead, many of them now feel like "math men" who spend their days with marketing analytics – all of the statistics and complex formulas required to measure every message as part of the ongoing requirement of measuring marketing campaigns.

In fact, half of CMO’s say that measuring marketing campaigns and justifying spending takes more than 30% of marketing staff time, and another 20% say it occupies nearly half of their time. Does all that time impress management? No - just a third of CEO’s are confident that marketing does a good job of using marketing metrics to document its contribution to revenue and performance.

What's the problem? When it comes to marketing analytics, all too often marketers and CEO's aren't speaking the same language, and marketing may be so buried in all the available marketing metrics that they aren’t focusing on the most relevant information.

To learn how to master marketing analytics so that you avoid common measurement mistakes like vanity metrics, soft metrics, out of context numbers, and marketing jargon, download the presentation from a recent webinar sponsored by Distribion and Vertical Nerve. Or listen to the recorded webcast.


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