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Making Webinars & Seminars Effective

May 23, 2013

Webinars are notorious for having attendance issues.  Attendance issues fall into 3 categories. 

1. Choosing from a pool of qualified attendees 

2. Getting people to register 

3. Getting registrants to actually show up. 

These 3 pain points are amplified if the purpose of the webinar/seminar is primarily a direct B2C webinar. In a B2C capacity, the purpose of webinar/seminar is to create leads for a local sales agent. A lot of responsibility falls on the shoulders of local sales agents in conducting these efforts, and the sheer overwhelming feeling of having to pay attention to a lot of details prevents many local level sales agents of F&I companies from conducting these types of events. Greater corporate level support for local sales agents can be perceived to be lacking in these areas. Webinars/seminars, if done right, have the opportunity to be great sources of lead generation. In common practice, local agents going direct to consumer has not been the more common variant of webinar. More often than not, the local sales agent will be using an in person format, such as the seminar, to engage locally and fill their sales pipeline through the tried and true face to face method, something which has no substitute. The more technologically advanced local sales agents may choose to video record and disseminate live presentations online, which expands their reach to an email and social media follow list that may not have been able to make the online event but have had previous interaction with the agent. This builds top of mind awareness and keeps prospects warm for future sales interactions. 



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