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Why the Distribion solution?

Through the proliferation and advancements we’ve all seen in communication technology, organizations are almost overwhelmed with how to effectively leverage and control the multiple communication channels and technologies being utilized by their employees, agents, prospects and customers.

This content distribution problem manifests itself in almost all marketing operational areas. Compliance issues, content assembly and customization issues as well as the inability to get meaningful multi-channel campaign insight. All of these become pain points for an organization as they work to develop content for and execute through the various marketing communication channels.

When corporate marketers and local sales agents exist under one large corporate umbrella, the marketing distribution channels can often become even more fragmented and incompatible. This leads to a breakdown in the process resulting in complex marketing programs, inconsistent messages, poor tracking and too much time spent planning instead of selling.

The equation is simple:

The Distribion multi-channel distributed marketing platform automates the entire marketing process and enables corporate marketers and local sales to execute effective campaigns through aligned marketing resources, up-to-date messaging, brand consistency and effective tracking under one dynamic, user-friendly and sales-focused platform. From industry to industry, one goal remains the same: to increase marketing efficiencies and offer leveraged marketing strategies with consistent messages.

If your problem is delivering more revenue without more resources, then the Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform is the answer you've been searching for.

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