Multi-Channel Distributed Sales & Marketing Solutions

Today, Distribion multi-channel distributed sales and marketing solutions are helping approximately 200 companies with nearly 200,000 users to sell more, deliver messages to prospective customers faster, and enforce brand and regulatory compliance standards throughout the sales and marketing organization, at the global, national, and local levels.

The goal for all corporate marketers is simple: to drive sales locally, keep the brand compliant, and implement seamless, effective, relevant campaigns. The Distribion multi-channel marketing platform optimizes the marketing implementation process by putting materials, campaigns and all marketing processes at the fingertips of local sales agents at the time they are needed. The Distribion solution is created to meet the needs of your entire marketing and sales organization.

It’s a consistent and constant goal for marketer’s across industries to have their “brand” remain top of mind to consumers at all times. A brand is what creates an impression in a consumer’s mind. It should be wrapped around a positive experience, associated with certain images, logos, copy points and a look and feel that is easily recognized.

With the Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform, branding is controlled at all levels and compliance is maintained through a secured digital asset management system. This centralized repository of all branded material is accessed via a permission-based only log-in by corporate and local sales individuals. Although these individuals have access to all branded items and the flexibility to customize and personalize these materials for local marketing efforts, key components including logos, taglines, color specifications, graphics and anything directly relating to brand compliance cannot be compromised. This keeps every element of your marketing arsenal safe, secure and completely controlled.

The Distribion multi-channel solution focuses on the distributed marketing model, which is applicable in numerous industries. The distributed marketing model is a business model where a corporation with one or more brands sells its products and services through a network of regional or local channels. These channels take on numerous different forms, and can be found in both large and small organizations. All types of distributed marketing organizations share the commonality of operating in an environment of increasing marketing complexity. Issues contributing to the complexity, include but are not limited to, time to market, campaign management and ownership, and maintenance of brand standards throughout an organization.

Keys to success in a distributed model include a strong connection between corporate marketing with local sales, and both corporate and local establishing a strong connection with consumers. The Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform facilitates these success factors.

Distribion’s marketing automation system has been proven in numerous industries including:

Each industry is different, but the goal is the same: to increase revenue, market share and productivity. This means that a compliant marketing automation system must empower local sales agents to select and deliver effective marketing campaigns quickly and easily without sacrificing the corporate control required for brand and regulatory compliance.

See how Distribion distributed marketing solutions are helping leading companies deliver measurable results.

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