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Uncomplicated Distributed Marketing Solutions for Financial Services

Financial services marketing has never been more complex and complicated. The only thing growing faster than the number of communications channels required to reach customers effectively is the number of rules and regulations from state, federal and international regulatory agencies.

At the same time, everyone is being asked to do more with less. A substantial number of marketing departments are being asked to deliver more measurable results with fewer resources. In many organizations, the marketing department is the last place where complex processes are still managed manually. Add in multiple layers of brokers, dealers, registered reps, banks and other sales channels, and it can be hard to manage compliance and even harder to track and monitor results.

The Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform delivers increased marketing efficiencies and revenues, while reducing operational costs, and maintaining brand and regulatory compliance, vital needs for the financial services industry.

Financial services marketing operates in an overwhelmingly competitive industry. In order to drive sales and remove bottlenecks, corporate marketers and local sales need to be connected. Corporate marketing has the vision and the strategy, but sales are made locally. The challenge lies in delivering instant access to a simple solution that lets producers select a campaign and contacts, personalize it in seconds, and be done, without compromising centralized management, compliance and tracking. Distribion, with its distributed multi-channel marketing and sales enablement solution, solves the problem. That’s why so many leading financial services companies already leverage the competitive advantage of the Distribion solution.

A recent CMO survey reported that field and local sales people spend 20-50% of their creating or revising marketing collateral, presentations and proposals. This often occurs under the pressure of pressing deadlines that encourage these sales agents to skirt or ignore the corporate approvals cycle. In addition to wasting precious time that should be used to drive increased premiums, this is a significant compliance problem. Significant compliance problems can have material, negative financial impact on a financial services organization.

Read more about common financial services marketing problems faced in marketing and sales organizations every day, and learn why the Distribion distributed multi-channel marketing solution is the uncomplicated answer to financial services marketing problems that your firm needs.

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