Benefits: Corporate Marketers

Simplify Complex Marketing Challenges Enterprise-Wide

The Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform is a proven, web-based marketing automation solution that enables local brokers and representatives the opportunity to reach prospects and customers in a fast, effective way without compliance worries. Designed with corporate and local financial services marketing in mind, it streamlines complex distributed marketing channels and systems for the entire organization.

The equation is simple:

Regulations are strict in financial services marketing. The Distribion DMP’s permission- and profile-based design gives corporate marketers the ability to control the marketing channels, vendors, programs and messages that are accessible at the local level, while providing local brokers and representatives with the flexibility to customize and choose the campaign that they believe will work best for their target market. Distribion’s web-based marketing automation makes it easy to maintain regulatory compliance as well as corporate policy , quality, and brand standards.

Distribion connects corporate marketers and local agents with an on-demand web-based marketing automation solution that drives sales and eliminates the headaches that are associated with disorganized marketing systems. Closed-loop, real-time reporting makes it easy to tweak or change messages as needed.

Benefits for Corporate Marketers in the Financial Services Industry

Some of the proven corporate marketing benefits associated with the Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform include:

  • Controlled access for each user
  • Brand and quality compliance control with up-to-date materials, collateral and branding
  • Streamline approval processes
  • Best-in-class direct marketing through diverse creative choices, a robust tool set that’s easy to use, plus print production and budgeting tools
  • Proven email campaigns consisting of automated distribution, effective templates and real-time tracking and delivery confirmation
  • On-going ability to build upon best practices and refine existing approaches based on evaluation of tracked results and ROI
  • Delivery of comprehensive and accurate customer/prospect information for local marketing programs

Increase the marketing efficiencies to your network of brokers and reps by 20-40% by offering them a streamlined, leveraged marketing solution. With the Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform, you can reduce the compliance costs that come with an unreliable, fragmented, distributed marketing system. Offer your local marketing and sales team members the chance to stop searching for the right materials and start selling. Download our Financial Services PDF now for more details

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