Solving Common Problems

The Problem: Complicated Manual Sales Processes

Financial services products are sold locally, even if the company selling them is global. The sale may be made by a broker, a banker, or a registered rep – who may (but probably doesn't) work directly for the company that created the product.

The fact is that without the Distribion marketing automation solution for financial services, it's complicated, difficult, and time-consuming for local brokers and reps to find the campaign, proposal, and sales materials when they need them.

Does your current marketing communications process look like this? If it does, let us show you how automating marketing communications can remove the complexity and bottlenecks.

At the corporate level, marketers need closed-loop, real-time reporting, centralized access, approval and compliance controls, and the ability to deliver sales materials of all kinds quickly and easily to the brokers, dealers, and other partners who sell products and services to consumers.

At the local level, sales needs a simple solution that allows them to instantly select a campaign, personalize the message in seconds, add contacts, and then schedule and distribute the campaign to prospects and customers without compromising compliance.

Distribion's web-based marketing automation for financial services solves both sets of problems. That's why so many leading financial services firms trust Distribion to help in automating marketing communications, managing sales enablement, and delivering measurable results.

Reach more Prospects with an Accessible, Flexible, Streamlined System

The Distribion multi-channel automated marketing system improves the way messages are delivered into the marketplace. This web-based, on-demand solution eliminates the time consuming processes and costly inconsistencies that plague manual processes.

The Distribion platform is a compliant, secure multi-channel marketing automation system that brings the corporate marketer and local sales agent together in a systematic, organized, and controlled environment. It eliminates the challenges and bottlenecks faced by financial services providers and puts the industry's most effective marketing tools, operations and processes into one secure, all-encompassing, on-demand system that's built on permissions, rules, and ease-of-use.

Find out more about why the Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform is the right choice for your business.

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