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Why are numerous analysts and marketing publications recommending that organizations incorporate a Multi-Channel Distributed Marketing Platform into their enterprise marketing strategy?

It is because almost all marketers today have huge content optimization, management and distribution challenges. Despite the advantages that come with being a large business, there are still numerous challenges that large, global enterprises face.  

These are the key challenges:

  • Corporate marketing needs to provide support across all channels and encourage local marketing activity while also ensuring quality, brand, and legal compliance.

  • New marketing channels such as social media and mobile need to be leveraged and developed with speed but add new complexities from a tool, content, and compliance standpoint.

  • Local representatives need to be able to customize corporate marketing collateral in order to conduct their local campaign efforts.

  • Disparate local marketing programs make campaign measurement difficult.

In order for organizations to address these key challenges, they must implement a Distributed Marketing Platform that has the ability to centralize all of their content, control how that content can be customized, and then provide the ability to distribute that content across all channels including social media, mobile, web, email, direct mail, and more.  By having all of those communications centralized, organizations can drastically improve efficiencies, optimize distribution channels, ensure brand and regulatory compliance, get better insight through a larger aggregated data set, and make better, more informed decisions.

Almost all organizations must leverage some type of an enterprise distributed marketing platform that allows for the instant assembly of personalized content that complies with corporate standards and can be delivered immediately and in the manner the customer or prospect wishes to receive it. Companies that don’t utilize a Distributed Marketing Platform will be at a huge competitive disadvantage in the very near future.

Large business and global enterprises are built upon maintaining the advantages of size. In order to maintain those advantages, leveraging a multi-channel, distributed marketing automation solution can prove beneficial.

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