Multi-Channel Marketing Success for Healthcare Companies

Healthcare marketing is one of today's most complex and highly regulated industries. Marked by a maze of rules and regulations, marketers in the managed care, HMO and PPO industry must deliver consistent results while remaining compliant. Distribion can help with proven marketing automation for healthcare.

With the Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform for multichannel organizations, branding is controlled at all levels and compliance is maintained through a focus on permission management. The platform is entirely permission based, enabling administrators to set meaningful permissions to manage the marketing efficacies between corporate marketing and local sales agents. Although local sales agents have access to all branded items and the

flexibility to customize and personalize these materials for local marketing efforts, key components including logos, taglines, color specifications, graphics and anything directly relating to brand compliance cannot be compromised. This keeps every element of your marketing arsenal safe, secure and completely controlled, an important consideration. Brand security is a top priority with our automated marketing solutions.

When you have multiple sales forces – some independent, some captive -- working to increase market share, it is crucial that marketing channels are accessible, systems are updated, collateral is easy to personalize and customize and that every campaign can be measured and analyzed properly. The Distribion multi-channel marketing automation system has helped big healthcare marketing organizations streamline their marketing systems so that everyone under the corporate umbrella stays aligned. This alignment helps keep your name and image safe.

It's just one reason why so many successful Distribion clients rely on marketing automation for healthcare to deliver the measurable results they need. The Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform is the industry standard for multi-channel distributed marketing organizations in regulated industries, including healthcare.

Typical Positive Outcomes from use of the Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform include:

  • 25% Increase in Marketing Efficiencies
  • 15% Reduction in Compliance Costs
  • 10% Reduction in Support/Maintenance Costs
  • 10% Increase in Sales Conversions

With a customized Distribion automated marketing solution, effective campaigns can be deployed quickly and implemented across multiple marketing channels. Healthcare marketers are being asked to do more with fewer resources, and to achieve results faster, through more communications channels. Distribion is the solution. Arrange a product demo today.

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