Hospitality and Travel

Need a Vacation From Marketing Complexity?

The Distribion multi-channel distributed marketing solution helps hospitality and travel marketing organizations streamline the marketing processes required to support a global network of properties and resellers. We put the sales enablement tools directly in the hands of the local sales professionals so that they can effectively communicate with customers and prospects at

the exact time it is needed. Distribion’s marketing automation solution is customized for each

corporate brand and is the multi-channel distributed marketing automation solution that’s been tested and proven within the hospitality, travel, and casino gaming industry.

Hotels, casinos, resorts, tour operators, cruise lines, and other hospitality and travel companies often have multiple brands with diverse audiences. Distribution puts travel and hospitality marketing sales enablement tools where they are needed most - in the hands of local sales professionals who can select, personalize, and distribute them with just a few mouse clicks.

Distribion offers the tools and features that hospitality and travel marketing needs most:

  • Sales kits and bid books that can be assembled and customized for prospective customers
  • Microsite and landing page management and creation tools
  • Email marketing and contact management capabilities
  • Print management and purchasing module
  • Social media marketing, enabling hospitality and travel brands to stay connected with target markets where they are known to be
  • Real-time tracking and reporting
  • Brand and regulatory compliance enforcement based on rules and permissions

What kind of results can you expect? Here’s what some of our existing hospitality customers have reported:

  • 40% savings in print and warehousing costs for brochures and meeting space collateral
  • 65% increase in page views and email opens on outbound messaging
  • 25% increase in productivity by reducing the time it takes to create customized bid books and sales kits for prospects
  • 33% increase in asset re-use by field marketing and sales
  • 12% increase in convention and events bookings

Let us show you why some of the biggest brands in hospitality marketing and travel use the Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform for corporate and local sales enablement and marketing. Get your copy of a helpful PDF now.

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