Marketing and Sales Automation Using Proven Travel Industry Marketing Tools

Destination marketing is a booming industry. Every year, millions of individuals book complete vacation packages to specific destinations using the resources and bundling capabilities of travel agents, tour operators and cruise lines to streamline the vacation planning process and avoid the headache of dealing with bookings and reservations. If it's a 7-night stay in Cancun that someone is after, or an off-the-beaten path trip to an African Safari, one call to a travel agent is usually all it takes to get the planning process started.

That simple process provides a very tiny glimpse of the overall destination travel business arena. When travel agents look to increase sales at their agency they often look to tour operators and cruise lines for unique bundling packages to sell; vice versa, it's the destination services that look to the local agents to push these vacation packages through to consumers.

The Distribion marketing and sales automation solution for destination travel businesses provides a centralized marketing system specifically designed for tour operators and travel agents so that the entire marketing process can be simplified. Our solution enables travel-oriented companies to use automation technology to access targeted materials so that each vacation package can be bundled, marketed and targeted correctly and effectively so that the material gets to the right person at the right time.

For the travel industry, marketing tools and resources can be accessed easily and campaigns distributed effectively. With the Distribion sales automation solution, local sales professionals can:

  • Log-in to a secured, controlled, centralized system
  • Create effective campaigns using a variety of marketing channels consisting of direct mail, email, social media and more
  • Customize and personalize marketing materials
  • Review details from closed-loop reporting and learn about how many times a customer engages, inquires, purchases or returns
  • Analyze reports based on real-time tracking
  • Keep brand compliance in control at all times

In the dynamic travel business, Distribion offers a way to effectively distribute sales literature and collateral that will get prospects excited about each offer. Our system puts the best travel industry marketing tools in one centralized place for local marketers. Find out why the Distribion solution is the right solution for your company. To learn more, get your copy of the Hospitality and Travel PDF today.

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