The Disconnect that Hurts Policy Sales

Insurance carriers, MGA's, BGA's, captive or independent agencies and producers at every level face a common problem. Without the right multi-channel distributed marketing automation solution, most are ill-equipped to deliver compliant, effective campaign materials quickly. Corporate marketing often feels that local agents don't use the campaigns it creates, and local agents can't find updated, compliant materials when they need them.

Industry analysts call this the "systematic disconnect" in the insurance sales and distribution model, and it affects companies at all levels. In a disconnected multi-channel distributed marketing environment, corporate marketing may provide approved collateral — often printed materials which may or may not be used, or HTML email templates that are delivered as "single image" graphics that can't easily be personalized or localized.

Left to their own devices, local producers take the provided materials and do the best they can to adapt them for the needs of their local market. This can compromise corporate brand, regulatory, or legal standards. When the work is done, local producers are now faced with the question of how to distribute materials. There are more marketing communications channels than ever before – email, social media, web, print, video, mobile, and so on, and it's not easy for local producers to find and use these channels. After all, they're sales people, not marketers

The end result all too often is fragmented communications, poor compliance and lost sales. Effective multi-channel distributed marketing for insurance providers changes drastically with the implementation of an insurance marketing system based on a compliant marketing automation solution. The right marketing automation tools can put a stop to the cycle of wasted time and compliance headaches that plague insurers today.

A recent analyst report said that many local sales people spend up to half of their time creating or revising marketing materials, email campaigns, and managing the messages they need to close deals — time that could be better spent on sales, prospecting or customer retention activities.

What local producers want is a simple, easy to use, insurance marketing system for multi-channel distributed marketing that lets them instantly opt-in or select a campaign, personalize it with a few mouse clicks, add contacts, schedule the campaign, and be done with it—without regulatory worries or a steep learning curve.

That's exactly what Distribion delivers. Marketing solutions for insurance providers using a solution that removes bottlenecks, streamlines the process, and creates closed-loop reporting so every link in the distributed marketing chain gets real-time access to tracking data, helps improve and refine campaigns.

Reach more Prospects with an Accessible, Flexible, Streamlined Solution

Distribion's multi-channel distributed marketing automation solution brings the corporate marketer and local agents together in a systematic, organized, controlled environment. It eliminates marketing challenges and bottlenecks faced by insurance companies and puts the industry's most effective marketing tools into one solution. The more streamlined and targeted each campaign is, the more relevant they become. The result is a more engaged consumer and increased policy sales.

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