Sales Enablement

A suite of tools designed to increase sales efficiency & effectiveness

Tools include a Sales Kit Generator (Brochure Builder), presentation generation and an education module that allows users to assemble, customize and distribute personalized content.

Great features that make Sales Enablement easy:

Sales Kit/Brochure Builder

  • Assemble & Customize Personalized Brochures or Proposals
    • Permissions can control which users can add, modify, or remove content.
    • Finalized materials can be professionally printed and fulfilled, downloaded or viewed online.
Sales Kit/Brochure Builder
Interactive Flip-Book

 Interactive Flip-Books

  • Interactive flip books provide a cool, interactive experience to the reader that engages them and sets your materials apart.

 Presentation Generator

  • Administrators upload customizable presentation templates & share them with sales, who then assemble & customize personalized presentations.
Presentation Generator
Education Center

 Education Center

  • Build Educational Courses
  • Course Testing
  • Auto-Grading: Set Pass/Fail criteria
  • Personalized Completion Certificates