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Distribion’s multi-channel distributed marketing automation solution has helped over 125 corporations streamline and organize communications processes by delivering a  marketing automation system that drives results at the local level.

The Professional Services team at Distribion helps large brands and companies in regulated industries to reduce marketing expenses and support costs, increase local sales, and turn a complicated process into an on-demand, compliant marketing ecosystem that is practical and affordable for marketers to implement and sales to leverage. Professional Services engagements with clients typically starts with identifying the business case for marketing automation spending, and helping to deploy the right solution for your needs.

But it doesn’t have to stop with a series of short-term deliverables. As a partner in your marketing automation success, every professional services engagement can become part of a strategic initiative to realize greater efficiencies, streamline processes and most importantly, discover and implement better ways to deliver your value proposition to customers, partners and prospects.

In tandem with the delivery of the Distribion multi-channel distributed marketing automation solution, our Professional Services team partners with you to deliver leading-edge collaboration, marketing and sales tools and techniques that will streamline your efforts and deliver an intuitive solution set.

Let us show you how our Professional Services team can help you take maximum advantage of Distribion’s multi-channel distributed marketing automation solution with:

  • Assessment: Distribion will assess your current marketing environment, the systems that are in place, and analyze ease of use, existing bottlenecks, efficiency, compliance standards and much more.
  • Recommendations: Recommendations that are specific to your company’s corporate and field sales and marketing environments, including specific conversion options and points of integration with your existing systems allow the creation of the right environment for everyone in your distributed marketing ecosystem.
  • Planning: A blueprint for marketing automation success clearly defines objectives and performance metrics, identifies specific activities to streamline your processes, and maps out the best implementation and transition plans to insure superior results.
  • Implementation Support: There’s more to implementing a strategic marketing automation solution than just technology, and Distribion’s professional services can help with the very important process of adapting and updating existing materials for deployment on the system, identifying opportunities for process improvements or changes, and taking the heavy lifting off of busy client staff to insure a smooth transition.
  • Post-launch Analysis and Optimization: After the initial deployment, it’s time to analyze usage, adoption, and success to see what’s working at maximum potential, and where there is room for improvement. With more than 125 successful client deployments behind us, we can identify the right solution for almost any problem that might crop up, and help you fix it in record time.   

At Distribion, the professional services team is dedicated to helping clients transform and optimize marketing and sales performance. That’s why we recruit real-world experts with diverse backgrounds in sales development, multi-channel distributed marketing, and marketing automation – not newly-minted college graduates.

Learn more about Distribion’s professional services with a free mini-assessment that will tell you quickly whether your marketing and sales organization could get measurable results from distributed multi-channel marketing automation. Schedule your free mini-assessment today.

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