Channel Education

The Challenges

While recession concerns may be behind us, insurers are still pressed for organic growth. Business development efforts are priority #1 for most insurers and distribution channel improvement and optimization are key factors. More and more insurers are realizing that cost effective technologies and processes that improve channel education directly impact premium growth.

In short, you can't expect products to sell themselves given today's competitive marketplace and myriad of similar product offerings. Marketing and branding are key, but effective channel education to take products to market is the key to effective growth. And that channel education strategy must integrate both the salepeople's activities with distribution partners and the marketing managers' efforts to better reach and serve those downstream audiences.

The Package

Distribion's channel education packages typically serve two primary goals. First, education may come in many forms — new products, repositioned products, onboarding or recertification, new compensation structure, positioning to win with end consumers and more. Audiences may vary as well. Whether educating internal wholesalers, key external distribution partners, or their downstream brokers, agents or advisors, messaging must be concise, compelling and prompt recipients to do what? Take action or goal #2.

Now that your channel partners are product experts and advocates for your company and products, what tools are you providing them to really drive business? Distribution partners are begging for sales and marketing enablement tools that are intuitive, require minimal effort and differentiate them from the competition and let them focus on what they do best — build relationships — are key. They need access to multi-touch marketing campaigns that reach the right prospects, at the time they are ready to engage via the preferred method of delivery, whether online or offline. And once the door is open, sales needs personalized and engaging sales tools that empower them to close more business, more quickly and efficiently.

The Results

As with all of Distribion's program deployments, customers not only gain a firm understanding how to leverage the Distributed Marketing Platform to create and deploy integrated, multi-part marketing messaging campaigns using best practices methodologies, but more importantly, generate results in weeks, not months.

Distribion customers frequently report that new product launches occur in half the time, generate twice the results and motive and energize their distribution partners to capitalize on market opportunity. In the end, it all comes down to results. Education + continuous motivation + intuitive sales and marketing tools = top line premium growth, increased commission and bottom line profitability.

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