Customer Acquisition

 The Challenges

Customer acquisition typically is the lifeline of sales and is critical to a company's long-term success. We often hear, however, that the time and cost per lead and resulting cost per new customer is prohibitive. Common direct and indirect cost drivers include:

  • Ineffective prospect targeting
  • High cost of traditional message delivery (direct mail, call center, purchased leads from aggregators)
  • Non-intuitive marketing software and tools lead to low sales force adoption and utilization
  • "Manual marketing" that requires consistent input of data into Salesforce and then to follow up on leads manually which eventually leads to inconsistent messaging cadence
  • Marketers often lack real-time tools to effectively gauge campaign effectiveness, lead conversions and follow up throughout the sales funnel

 The Package

Distribion's customer acquisition programs focus on five success factors: prospect targeting, multi-part messaging   strategy, optimal messaging cadence, online and offline marketing channel mix, and conversion measurement and analysis. Each factor plays an important role in driving overall return on marketing investment. As important, Distribion's customers not only gain a firm understanding how to leverage the Distributed Marketing Platform to create and deploy integrated, multi-part marketing messaging campaigns using best practices methodologies, but  more importantly, generate results in weeks, not months.

 The Results

Often, success is as simple as the number of qualified leads or new sales generated. Distribion customers often report a 10% increase in qualified lead opportunities and resulting closed sales. But Distribion's value doesn't stop there. Success for marketing also comes in the form of improved marketing efficiencies that free up critical resources for new projects, enhanced visibility into what works and doesn't work so you can market more effectively, a quantifiable ROMI that shows an upward trend, lower acquisition costs and other important factors. And with Distribion's  Distributed  Marketing  Platform, you can check off compliance and internal IT support. We've got it covered.

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