The Challenges

Individuals and businesses have many well-known brands to choose from when making their purchasing decisions. It's not uncommon in today's tough economic conditions, for customers to monitor and evaluate competing offers from your competitors. Maintaining existing relationships is difficult enough, and creating a compelling messaging stream to win back business is equally as difficult and requires a well thought out strategy AND efficient process to lure lost customers back. Messaging must be relevant, timely and unique enough to get a lost customer to allocate time and energy to rethink his/her decision to leave in the first place.

The Package

Distribion's customer winback programs focus on two primary goals. The first critical success factor is customer reactivation which can be defined as reestablishing meaningful dialogue or, more often, product/service purchase. The second success factor is quantifying what decision factors resulted in customer disaffection. All too often, corporate stakeholders have inadequate feedback looks and thus limited visibility into why customers no longer purchase. Without actionable insight, how can an organization expect to improve the customer experience?

Distribion's winback program enables our customers to engage in a multi-part dialogue with lost customers, acknowledging that their business is important and with each successive message, you'll do whatever it takes to earn back their trust and their business. And with each communication, it's critical to provide them a feedback tool where they can articulate what factors caused them to leave in the first place. Distribion's integrated form/survey tool enables our customers to, in real-time, segment and analyze responses, then refine subsequent messaging strategies and boost reengagement.

As with all of Distribion's program deployments, customers not only gain a firm understanding how to leverage the Distributed Marketing Platform to create and deploy integrated, multi-part marketing messaging campaigns using best practices methodologies, but more importantly, generate results in weeks, not months.

The Results

Winning a customer back is definitely a challenging proposition and you're not going to win every battle. However, studies show that time spent per customer reactivation is 50% less than the time spent acquiring a new customer. Distribion customers that deploy winback programs typically see a 15% to 20% boost in customer reengagement and corresponding product reactivations.

And if that isn't enough. Consider that in today's hyper-connected world, an unhappy customer is infinitely more vocal about a poor experience when compared to a customer advocate.

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