Distribion was formed in 2009 with an exclusive focus upon helping distributed marketing organizations improve their marketing and sales performance.

This focus area was chosen because distributed marketing organizations operate in a complex environment in which they must engage and coordinate a variety of different groups and participants to be successful. These groups are generally spread across diverse geographies and through layers of central and local marketing departments, internal and external sales teams, and outside agency and print partners. The needs of these groups are often not aligned and their systems are usually disparate and not integrated.

Distribion introduced the Distributed Marketing Platform (DMP), a SaaS platform, in order to address a wide variety of pain points common to distributed organizations, including difficulties in alignment between corporate and local marketing entities.

Since the company was formed, Distribion's DMP has been successfully deployed across a number of industries which operate with varying decentralized models including insurance, financial services, telecom, technology, biopharmaceuticals, hospitality and travel, business services, and franchises.

Distribion is led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs who have a track record of success in interactive marketing, web, and on-demand software markets.

Distribion’s office location in Dallas, Texas, has its own unique history. Distribion is located on the 16th Floor of one of the two buildings that comprise the Campbell Centre. The Campbell Centre is a distinct part of the Dallas cityscape, as it features twin, gold colored towers.  The Campbell Centre might be familiar to fans of the 1980′s TV series “Dallas”. In the opening credits of the majority of seasons of “Dallas”, the towers of the Campbell Centre are prominently featured. Even in the new 2010s TNT version of “Dallas”, there’s a quick cutaway of the Campbell Centre. Not everyone can say that their office building was a part of the opening credits of a TV show!

Most importantly, we look forward to having significant accomplishments in the future to add to this history page.

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